Am I buying well?

We accompany you to see the property you are considering to buy. You will be provided an in situ report of its status, costs to consider, the orientation and if that space is adapted to your needs.

It´s one of the most important investments in your life,

a timely advice can save you

a lot of money.

I draw a project for my house, is it ok?

If you have allready drawn your remodeling project or home and have doubts, we help you to "correct" the project.

I don´t like my living room!!!

If you have just moved, are about buying furniture, or don´t know how to place them, we visit you and give advise in situ.

I want to decorate my house with feng shui.

We do feng shui studies, in presence or distance. We give you a full report with the suggested colors, furniture positions,

materials and the necessary remedies to harmonize

your environment.

I have legal problems with my neighbour because of the dividing wall.

We help you to resolve legal issues with your neighbour and advice your lawyer. We can issue legal reports and participate in a trial as a party expert.

Remodel or move?

We help you to assess the pros and cons of each option, taking into account your needs

and budget.

Architectural Consultancy

Our studio also works as an architectural consultant's office.

You can get advice about these themes and much more, don't hesitate to contact us!